The Bellhorn family reunion was this past weekend. Unfortunately Terri and I were not able to attend this year. I have not heard a lot of details yet, but everyone said they had a good time. I will try to list some high points once I learn of them.

Mark has started out the season pretty well. The first game he had two hits from three at bats, and he assisted in a double play. So far tonight, he has assisted in another double play and walked once.

I had thought about keeping some statistics about his season on this web site. However there is so much already available at the Major League Baseball and ESPN sites that it does not seem worth the trouble. I do plan to put some quick news blurbs on this home page whenever it seems pertinent.

Terri and I started to paint our office/library over the weekend. So far we just have a layer of primer on the walls. Our plan is to finish the painting by next weekend. This was the first time I tried our Wagner Power Roller.

It did seem to help the painting go quickly. Cleaning it took some extra time though.