The game I am working on is almost complete.  We have been working very long hours, which is why I have not made any updates to this web site for a while.  Hopefully that will change now.

Our current game is based on the new Dreamworks movie Shark Tale.  They have been updating the movie’s web site with more information, so you can learn a lot more about the movie by visiting that site.  The movie will be in theaters on October 1.  Our game should be in stores at the same time.

We had some crazy weather yesterday.  A very strong wind came out of nowhere and broke branches off of the trees around my work.  Everything was very calm just before and after that happened.  It only lasted a few minutes, but it was interesting to watch.  I took some pictures with my small, digital camera.  Unfortunately I have lost the cable used to copy the pictures onto our computer.  I ordered a replacement which should be here sometime next week.