Everyone is asking about the origami roses I made as a Christmas gift for Terri, so I am putting a picture of them here. You can click on the following image to see a larger picture.

I had been working on this present for a while. The rose design was created by Toshikazu Kawasaki. You can read the instructions for the version I made here on Joseph Wu’s web site. The base for the roses (called the calyx) I used was designed by Joseph Wu. You can read the instructions for the calyx here. The leaves were designed by Aaron Walden, and the directions are located on his web site. I found instructions for the vase on the Oriland web site.

We never did see snow this week. We slept in yesterday, so it is possible some snow fell overnight and melted in the morning.

Terri and I decided to see the new movie The Life Aquatic last night. The movie was supposed to open today, but The Drafthouse held an early screening at midnight. All of the ship’s crew in the movie wear red beanies. Everyone who attended the show last night received a free red beanie. Unfortunately we had to wait outside for the theater to be cleared out from the previous movie. We stood in line for about an hour with the temperature in the mid to upper 20’s. I thought the movie was worth all the effort, but Terri was tired and fell asleep a few times.

There was no snow when I woke up this morning. The weathermen are predicting snow tonight and tomorrow, so a white Christmas is still possible. It is cold enough in Austin. My car said it was 26 degrees on my way to work this morning.

We may have a white Christmas in Austin this year. The convenient outside temperature gauge in my car read 34 degrees during my drive home from work tonight. Tonight should drop below freezing. Areas in Texas a little north of Austin received snow last night.