The Drafthouse showed a couple episodes of Buffy last night. They call it the Buffy Sing-A-Long since they show the musical episode “Once More With Feeling.” There were also props provided for that show. We got bubbles for the romantic scene, vampire teeth for the song performed by a vampire, and a lighter for when fires started in the show. Those of us who had not previously seen that episode would have preferred to hear more of the actual show, but everyone had a great time.

My wedding band became extremely loose after losing weight. I really like the design of the ring, but I do not want to have it re-sized multiple times. In the meantime, I purchased a new ring from James Avery. It is called the Song of Solomon ring. It has “My beloved is mine, and I am hers” inscribed in Hebrew. The following picture includes the new and old rings.

The rings are on an origami tessellation. A tessellation is basically breaking a geometric shape into smaller geometric shapes. This one is called Square Dance. It results in five squares popping up from the paper with multiple sized squares in between.

Terri bought me a cool hydrogen powered rocket for Christmas. You put water into the tank, and it separates the water into hydrogen and oxygen. When enough gas as accumulated, you can ignite the hydrogen to power the rocket. It is not as impressive to watch as a normal model rocket. It is extremely cool though. I love it! Thank you Terri!

Everyone at my work moved switched to new offices a couple weeks ago. Now the team working on each project is sitting close together. The only negative for me is that my back is to the door in the new room. I believe this is bad Feng Shui, something about allowing Ninja to sneak up and kill you more easily.

No matter the reason, I simply feel uncomfortable sitting with my back to the door all day. Some co-workers have setup mirrors next to their monitors for this reason. I went a more high-tech route. Our office is now equipped with an automated, motion activated sentry gun. Anyone attempting to enter our office is now barraged with rapid-fire foam discs!

I assembled a bookshelf for my office at work today. All of the space in my desk was filled with books. I often need to obtain new books for research, so more storage space was required. The shelves happened to come in a color which matched my desk rather closely.