My favorite television show of all time is Firefly. Fox cancelled if after only a half season, but the sales of the series on DVD were high enough that Universal is making a movie version. It’s release date was delayed until September in order to avoid competing with Star Wars. However, I managed to get two tickets for a sneak preview here in Austin next week. Rock!!!!! m/

I totally went of my diet while in San Francisco. Cecilia and Kenneth’s reception had about ten courses of Chinese food, none of which is on my diet. I figured this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for Terri and I to eat at a Chinese wedding reception. That was the most sugar I have eaten in about a year. I tried to take a picture of every course. I will put them on this website once I have time to sort through them all.

Terri and I went to a concert last night. We saw the California Guitar Trio play. I have been to several of their concerts with my friend Jason, but he was not able to make it this time. Terri and I had a great time though.

I took some pictures during the concert with my cell phone. Unfortunately they all have something blocking the view of the stage. Hopefully I will get better at that in the future. Luckily one of the band members takes pictures when he is not playing. They should have some photos from this concert on their website in a few days. In the mean time, I found some pictures of the last time I attended one of their concerts.