The preview of the Serenity is tonight. We picked up our tickets on the way back to work after eating lunch. The official fan site wanted pictures of people with preview tickets standing in front of the theater, so a friend took the one below. There were already some people waiting outside when we were there around noon. The movie does not start until 10pm. And I thought I was being geeky by making the Serenity shirt I am wearing.

This will be the last time I say anything about Serenity until it’s official release in September. Many of my friends do not even want to know if I like the movie, so I am simply not going to talk about it.

Mark was able to get us tickets for the Red Sox vs. Ranger games this weekend. We were able to attend the Friday and Saturday games. Unfortunately, Mark was not able to play due to illness. Hopefully we can watch him next time they play in Texas.