My breakfast used to consist of a Slim-Fast meal bar. Unfortunately they appear to no longer be manufactured. Their replacements contain a much larger amount of sugar, which takes them off of my diet.

Quite a few people at my office enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning. Coffee-Mate has a new line of sugar free coffee creamers. I purchased a bottle of French Vanilla since I used to drink Starbucks’ vanilla Frappuccinos before starting my diet. The coffee at my work tasted OK with this creamer, but I have discovered the coffee turns out quite strong from that brewer.

One of the people who sits in the same room with me brought his coffee brewer into the office when I expressed an interest. His machine produced much less bitter coffee. This weekend I went to our Central Market to check out their coffee selection. They have quite a large selection of flavored coffee beans. I picked up a couple flavors along with a coffee grinder. Our first pot this morning turned out a bit weak, but we will keep experimenting until we find the proper proportions.

On my way to work, I spotted this crane. A train with twenty or thirty car loads of gravel had stopped near a toll road construction site. The crane had driven on top of one gravel car in order to unload the car next to it. I just thought it was pretty cool.