As mentioned previously, last weekend I went to Fry’s to purchase a new fan for our computer. There is a Hobby Town USA in the same location. They happened to be holding a radio controlled car race that day. The track is made up of some dividers they place in the parking lot between stores.

I still have the radio controlled airplane Terri bought for me, and I need to find time to learn how to control it sometime. Of course I also learned recently that I am no longer the alternate for the US Model Rocketry Team in the scale event. One of the other members has left the team, so I am now moved up to a primary member. That model will take up a lot of time. I am not sure how much other free time I will have this summer.

I went home to Florida the 14th to 24th of February and helped my mother landscape her front lawn. She had done a lot of exterior renovation to the house and wanted to finish it off by putting in plants and flower beds. These are just a few of the pictures I took during the process. All in all, I think it was a great success and was much easier than trying to plant here in Austin. We have a multitude of clay and limestone in our area, which makes digging a huge chore. Dave and I are excited an terrified to begin the process of landscaping our back yard this summer.

Our computer has been experiencing problems when I attempt to play video games. The crashes appeared to have been resolved after reinstalling Windows XP, but they have returned in the last week. Discussing the issue with my co-workers helped me to realize the major difference since the problem has been recurring was to re-attach the PC case’s side panel. This points to an overheating situation. A trip to Fry’s yesterday resulted in the purchase of a device from Antec which blows fresh air directly onto the video card’s processor. Hopefully this will alleviate any heating problem.

As an added bonus, this fan unit glows with blue LEDs just like the Antec power supply we already had installed.

Nine Inch Nails held a concert at a smaller venue called Stubb’s BBQ last year. All tickets sold out in about two minutes. I felt pretty let down by that, so I joined the official NIN fan club, The Spiral. Members are able to pre-order tickets before they are offered for sale to everyone else. That ensured I could attend their next concert, which was last night. I had to pickup the tickets at a special will-call location just for Spiral members. Turns out they got us down onto the stadium‘s floor, right by the stage. It sure was a different experience than when we watch from up in the seats!

It is time once again to sing along with Buffy as she saves the world from evil. This event was at the original, downtown Drafthouse. The opening episode was Homecoming. Target had some children’s underwear on sale, so I picked the cutest ones I could find to throw into the audience.

Here is a picture I snapped before the show started. The person facing us in Henri, which is the person at the Drafthouse who organizes and runs all the cool Joss Whedon events like the Buffy-Sing-A-Long and Firefly Marathon. For some reason he did not dress up in his bunny outfit this time, although we saw him carrying it home after the show.