An open house was held on Sunday to gauge interest for forming a curling club in Austin. Currently, people living here are forced to travel to Dallas or Houston in order to participate in curling. I enjoyed watching curling during the Winter Olympics, so I thought I would give it a try. I expected to fall a lot as this was my first experience on an ice rink. I was not disappointed! In fact, my first attempt to throw a stone resulted in the stabilizer breaking.

At first we just threw the stone a short distance. This allowed us to get a feel for the techniques required.

After everyone had a chance to practice a couple times, we consolidated to one end of the ice rink. Then we tried to get the stone into the house on the far side. I ended up falling on both of my attempts. They also explained how guide the stone by sweeping. Most of the younger kids were very excited to try sweeping, so I did not force my way into trying myself. Hopefully the Austin curling club will get off the ground. I would really like to get some more experience. Even though I fell quite often, it was a lot of fun.

My mother works at Publix Supermarkets. She often reads about other grocery store chains that are not in Florida. Therefore, we visited some of the different stores we shop at in Austin. One of the highlights was a trip to Central Market. HEB has begun to build more Central Market stores in other areas, and they are incorporating design segments into their normal stores. Many companies are also taking ideas from this store. I enjoy shopping there due to the large variety of items I cannot find anywhere else, even though the location allows infrequent visits for us. We ate lunch in their cafe before exploring the store.

Later in the week, we stopped at the newest HEB in near our house to buy some ingredients for dinner. This is one of the stores which takes design cues from Central Market. Here is Terri and my mother posing in front of the sushi bar.

I had one of those “I live in Texas” moments while my parents were visiting. On the way to check for mail, I spotted a horse in a trailer in front of our neighbor’s house. One of their children took him out as I walked back from the mailbox. I think they let it stretch it’s legs in their backyard before driving it further.

We had some bad weather over the weekend. A storm dumped hail onto our town. Luckily the worst part of the storm was north of us. The hail in our area was around half an inch across. The same storm system spawned tornadoes when it reached Mississippi and Georgia on Sunday. Here is a picture I took during the hail storm. It shows a few pieces of hail next to a quarter.