Posting the photos I took of Rex this weekend reminded me to show my new camera. I have really enjoyed the flexibility my 35mm SLR camera offered. The only downside is the cost of film. It would have taken a lot of pictures to really master all of the features on the camera. For this reason, I have been thinking of purchasing a digital SLR.

With my trip to Moscow, Russia coming up, I decided to look a bit more seriously. As luck would have it, Circuit City put the Canon Digital Rebel XT on sale at the same time Canon offered a mail-in rebate. Those discounts combined allowed me to obtain the camera for much less than I had originally expected. I was even able to add a 75-300mm lens for longer range shots.

Goodbye, Rex. We will miss you!

When we decided to purchase a new vehicle for me to drive, we discussed options for my Ford Thunderbird, Rex Dart (the Eskimo spy car!). It was getting older and a little banged up. Since it would not bring in a large amount as a trade in, we decided to donate it to the Salvation Army.

As you can see from the photos, they sent a tow truck to pick up Rex this weekend.

Rex will go up for auction in about a month. The Salvation Army will send us a receipt for the amount of sale. That will allow us to claim it as a donation on our taxes for this year.