Merry Christmas! I finally have a day off of work. It is always wonderful to spend time with family. We had a decent stack of presents to open today. Terri’s mother is visiting us from Florida, and she brought gifts from my family as well.

I received quite a few cooking implements. I guess everyone wants me to keep making food! We now have a real double boiler. I’ve always just held a pot over water boiling in another pot. This is going to make it so much easier. I even got one of those apple peeling doohickies you crank. Sweet!

Terri decided she wanted to make our dinner. She looked up a bunch of recipes to try out. Everything turned out wonderful of course. We all ate far too much as usual. It’s the holidays, so we are allowed.

My contribution was a pumpkin pie. I made one for the first time during Thanksgiving. Everyone enjoyed it, so I figured it would be a safe bet for today.