These are the books I mentioned in the previous post. I found them at Half Price Books. I was not sure which book would be best to learn from, and shopping there allowed me to purchase several books for the same amount of money.

So far I have been going through Knitting Pretty. The projects included inside were more appealing to me than Learn To Knit. Some of the more advanced projects in there caught my eye, so I will likely be revisiting it in the future. The same goes for Punk Knits. Very cool looking designs that are way above my current skill level.

I had been trying to figure out which knitting needles would be best to purchase next. Several of the designs I would like to attempt require circular needles. Those go for almost $10 a pop. They are two small needles connected by a cord. That means a new one is required depending on what needle thickness and cord length are called for. All of those options add up to a big cost.

While researching options on the internet, I discovered the Denise interchangeable knitting needle set. It includes a wide range of needle thicknesses and separate cords. You simply grab whatever length cord your project needs and connect it to the right needles. At $50 it cost a bit more upfront, but this set should save me a lot in the long run.

I visited a local yarn shop on Friday to purchase one of these sets. A couple needles and a cord are missing in the photograph of my new set. They are being used on a hat I am using to learn circular needle knitting techniques.

We also received a coupon in the mail for 25% off an entire purchase at Michael’s. Terri and I stopped by this afternoon to pick out some new yarn. My first real project will be a scarf for Terri. Then I will tackle a matching hat and scarf for myself. This amount of yarn should keep me occupied for a little while.

Well, I have been spending most of my time at work. That does not give me much news to write about here. Hopefully the Hulk game will be winding down in another month. Then we can get out and do stuff again.

One new thing is I have begun to learn knitting. A co-worker started learning just before our holiday break which peaked my interest. It is something I have always wanted to try, but this is the first time I gave into those urges.

So far I have only made a few small projects just to learn the techniques. Most of those have been small bookmarks. I purchased a pair of needles and the cheapest yarn I could find. Basically they are to find out if this is an activity I would like to continue before spending any more money.

Turns out I am enjoying the process of knitting. I recently made a small section of a ribbed scarf to get experience with a pattern. Terri liked it so much we are going to pick out some yarn this weekend so I can make a full scarf for her.

I’m sure I will need a break from the redundancy of knitting after a while. That tends to happen with my other hobbies too. I often switch between origami, paper models, and rocketry. Now I have something else to add into that rotation of activities.