After our visit to the aquarium, it was only a short walk to the USS Lexington. This was a World War II aircraft carrier which has since been turned into a museum. They have quite a few planes on display. The weather was not perfect for walking around outside, so we headed down to their movie theater. Unfortunately the electricity to the entire area went out about five minutes into the movie. That also prevented us from exploring the areas further down in the ship.

Next we drove back to San Antonio to spend the night. The next day we spent some time at The Alamo. I had previously been there when Michael and Loren visited Texas a few years ago, but Terri was unable to make that trip with us. Several of her co-workers had commented that you could call yourself a Texan unless you had visited The Alamo. Mission accomplished!

As usual, all of the pictures have been added to our photo albums. I have started editing our pictures from the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch. We took a lot of photos, so it may take a little while.