We tried out a new archery group in Austin yesterday. They are mainly focused on younger children as part of the Junior Olympic Archery Development, or JOAD. This was the second day of training sessions for adults. It was obvious to me thier focus has not been on adults as the armguards did not fit me very well.

Neither of us had shot a bow in many years. That also seemed to be the norm among our classmates. This first class was an introduction to the sport. They covered basic form, aiming techniques, and score keeping. We also learned a bit about how competitions work and the associated rules. There were 8 people there in total. We were all hitting our tagets by the end of the evening. I believe everyone earned the 50 points neccessary to move on to the next round of classes.

Overall we had a lot of fun. Neither of us got amazing scores or anything, but we improved steadily over the course of the evening. I did not take a lot of pictures this time. I was too focused on learning what to do. These are a few I quickly got after our class was finished. One of the instructors was practicing at the time. I turned off the flash to keep from distracting him. Some of the pictures are blurry as a result.

Most of the items I have knitted so far have now been photographed. They are within the Knitting album. Most of the colors look correct now that I am learning how to adjust the white balance on my camera. Terri’s ribbed scarf and hat should be more gray, but that is the only big difference I can see.

Several other projects are in progress right now. A pair of slippers for my mom are almost finished, another glove just needs work on the fingers, and a Harry Potter scarf is a little over half way done. Hopefully they will be complete and ready to photograph soon too.

Finally got around to learning how the white balance on my camera can be adjusted. This allows you to ensure colors appear accurately no matter the type of light illuminating the subject. So far I have only attempted the more simple adjustments. The colors definitely look more true this time. My background hardly appeared blue in my original photos.

Here is also a picture of the lighting setup I put together. It is still rather basic, but it seems to be working OK so far. Future modifications have not been decided at this time. Something to secure the background would definitely be useful.

My DIY photo light booth has been completed. It is not perfect, but everything seems to be functional at least. The main components are some cheap desk lamps with empty vinegar bottles acting as diffusers. They are held together by wire coat hangers. The current backgrounds are colored sheets purchased at a craft store.

The first use was to photograph a couple of paper models I recently assembled. They are both from a new website I found called cubeecraft. Both of these models are themed around recent Nine Inch Nails albums. I managed to crush them with a blanket and pillows shortly after their completion. Luckily they are still in fairly good shape.

Their creator uses tabs and slots to avoid a need for glue. It is a method I have not seen in other paper models. While I appreciate the simplicity this construction offers, I am not sure which I prefer yet. Luckily there are plenty more models to try out!