I finally remembered to post the pictures of our New Year feast. We went out for dinner with some friends, but Terri asked me to bake another pumpkin cheesecake. This seemed like as good a time as any to go on a baking frenzy.

Two days were spent buying supplies and baking five different desserts. This included a trip to Lowes for PVC pipe to form the parfait. Turns out one of our friends also baked a cheesecake, so we had plenty of sweets to eat that night!

Everyone was in the mood to eat fish for dinner tonight. We had also discussed various cauliflower recipes last night, so Terri had a craving for the mock fried rice I sometimes make. My suggestion to try the seared tuna recipe by Alton Brown was well received. It looked like fun to make, so I went out and purchased the necessary equipment this morning.

The tuna is cooked on top of a charcoal starter chimney. It generates quite a lot of heat which helps in the searing process. You only need to cook each side for about 30 seconds.

The shooting flame is looked awesome! More important, the meal tasted rather good. I enjoyed the marinade/dipping sauce. Wasabi powder gave it a bit of kick, but the honey added sweetness and canalization. Definitely something we will try again in the future.