Our washing machine was starting to show its age. The timing mechanism would not always advance on its own, and it began making some weird noises during spin cycles. A quick look through the Sunday ads showed a good appliance sale at Lowe’s. We headed over and purchased a Bosch washer and dryer. Terri really wanted a larger capacity washer, so the new dryer was chosen to match. The washer is a new front loading, high efficiency model. It certainly uses less detergent. I will have to keep an eye on our electricity bill to see how it is effected

There are a few rocketry related projects I have been interested in trying which require an electric motor. A large lathe for shaping foam is at the top of the list followed by a body tube rotator for sanding. I figured the motors in our old washer and dryer should be up to the task. They can spin a load full of jeans, so a chunk of foam should be no problem.

I disassembled the dryer yesterday. The blower for pulling moist air and lint out looked promising for another project I would like to try, a small air tunnel. It may not move enough air to provide realistic drag data on rocket designs, but I figured I would not know until I try. Anyway, if you are interested in see what is inside of a dryer, head over to the album.