Obviously I enjoy taking pictures. Another of my hobbies is building paper models. It seemed natural to merge these two interests, so I attempted to construct a Dirkon pinhole camera. It is a design which was originally printed in a 1979 Czechoslovakian children’s science magazine. The intention was to explain how photography works. Someone still had a copy of that magazine and posted scanned copies on the internet. The instructions recommend using Foma 21° DIN film, but standard 35mm canisters fit perfectly.

The first Dirkon I built did not produce any pictures. My guess is the paper I used for construction was too thin. This time I added a layer of black cardstock to help keep out the light. It also made the camera much sturdier.

This time some pictures actually turned out OK! It was quite a different experience compared to the digital cameras I typically use. There is no instant preview or even a shutter click. Exposing a photo is accomplished by sliding a piece of paper over the pinhole. Overall I am very happy. In fact, I may try designing and building some new pinhole cameras in the future.