Frame Experiment

Run the Jewels recently announced a new tour for Fall 2015.  They released a Blade Runner themed poster in support which I promptly purchased.  A few days later I returned to their store site for the dimensions in order to look for a frame.  During that time a pre-framed option was introduced.  The profile used simple, clean lines matching well with the sci-fi theme.

It also appeared to be something that could be accomplished with just a table saw.  I grabbed some scrap 1×2 pine to give it a try.  First up was a 45 degree bevel on the inner edge.  I also cut the back, outside corner at the same angle to give an impression of floating away from the wall.  Next was a shallow cut at the bevel’s edge to form a step.  Last was two deeper cuts forming a rabbet for the glass and art.

Frame Test
Frame Test

I was quite pleased with the result considering it was thrown together on a whim.  My chop saw introduced a lot of error in the mitered corners, so I plan to build a miter sled for my table saw.  I also purchased three different style corner clamps from Harbor Freight for future attempts.

Hello world 2.0!

I am finally giving this site some attention.  It has lingered in limbo since Google forced all Blogger accounts onto their servers.  That meant I could no longer make updates here until switching to another format.

My intention has always been migration to WordPress.  However I started posting on Facebook about the same time.  Procrastination followed that decision.

Logging into Facebook is an exhausting experience of late.  It is also a terrible format for documentation of long term projects.  Hopefully I can wrangle WordPress to do some of the heavy lifting on the latter.  At the very least, having a main site which can be updated easily should motivate me to tackle some of the other web projects on my to-do list.