HDR photography is a technique I have been interested in experimenting with for a while. That was especially so after seeing some of Trey Ratcliff’s photos. Luckily Trey includes quite a bit of information about the process on his website. HDR photos can sometimes look too “hyper-real” for my personal taste, but they still seem really cool.

It turns out the software Trey uses, Photomatix, offers a free trial version. All of the features are fully functional. The free version just embeds the Photomatix name in the resulting image. This is my first attempt at using it. On the left side is a photo I would normally take. The HDR version I created is on the right. I think it turned out pretty good for my initial try.

Trey just ran a PhotoWalk in Austin. Unfortunately I learned about it too late to attend. Hopefully I will be available for his next one. It looks like everyone had a great time from the pictures and stories they posted.

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