We have had a busy time since my parents’ visit. I plan to finish editing the photos we took while they were there this week.

One of our activities this weekend was bowling practice. In a surprise to everyone else, Terri decided to purchase a new bowling ball while we were at the lanes.

Our pro-shop owner had mentioned a few weeks ago that Black Widow Pearls are popular among women. That was enough to sway Terri away from the other couple ball types she was considering.

Her new ball has a larger hook due to a more reactive covering material and aggressive weight block. She also went with a heavier 13 pound ball and fingertip grip. It was working really well for her after a couple games of becoming acclimated.

The core is identical to what is in my Black Widow. However her cover material is designed to cut through the oil more cleanly with a more violent reaction upon reaching dry lane surface. There is certainly a lot of potential for improved scores. Terri was very happy with her decision by the end of our practice session.

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