Today began with a plane crash on my way to work. I would have witnessed the event had I left my house one or two minutes earlier. As it was, I arrived at the same time as the police and fire departments. All that was visible to me was flame and smoke at the building’s front. I did not learn someone had flown their plane into the building until I was at work, which incidentally is about a mile from the crash site. This made for a very surreal day.

As my mind wondered later in the day, I realized it has been a while since a new post was made here. One reason is a friend suggesting I experiment with Picasa Web Albums. My most recent photographs were uploaded there rather than on this site as a result. It does offer some interesting features such as viewing the pictures as a slide show. Visitors are also able to leave comments with is neat. I will most likely put future pictures in both locations. Right now you can go see photos taken during my road trip to Florida last Christmas. I also used a couple film cameras, but those images have not been scanned and uploaded yet. I will try to get to those over the weekend.

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