My mother is in town visiting Terri and I. Today we decided to do one of the typical mother/son bonding experiences: we attended a lecture by Burt Rutan.

The main focus of his talk was the recent success of SpaceShip One winning the X-Prize. I was very interested to hear about his experiences with this project, but I have been following his work for as long as I can remember. He has built so many amazing airplanes in the past. On our way out of the auditorium, my mother stole one of the posters hanging on the wall. Shh, don’t tell anyone.

Unfortunately I left my new camera/cell phone in our car last night. I was able to find someone else’s pictures on their web site. You can view them here. They are all pictures of Wil Wheaton answering questions and signing copies of his book. Our friend participated in the pie eating contest before the movie, but I have not seen any pictures of that contest yet. He let the only woman in the contest take credit for some of his pies so she could win a kiss from Wil Wheaton. She gave him the free copy of his book and other prizes afterword.

The new cord for my small digital camera arrived this week. Now I can show you the pictures I have taken for the last couple months.

These are some pictures from when my Thunderbird reached 100,000 miles. It is still running OK, but I am thinking about buying a newer vehicle. Hopefully I will be able to afford one of Ford’s new gas/electric hybrid Escapes. They will probably be a bit pricey though.

The game I am working on is almost complete.  We have been working very long hours, which is why I have not made any updates to this web site for a while.  Hopefully that will change now.

Our current game is based on the new Dreamworks movie Shark Tale.  They have been updating the movie’s web site with more information, so you can learn a lot more about the movie by visiting that site.  The movie will be in theaters on October 1.  Our game should be in stores at the same time.

We had some crazy weather yesterday.  A very strong wind came out of nowhere and broke branches off of the trees around my work.  Everything was very calm just before and after that happened.  It only lasted a few minutes, but it was interesting to watch.  I took some pictures with my small, digital camera.  Unfortunately I have lost the cable used to copy the pictures onto our computer.  I ordered a replacement which should be here sometime next week.

The Bellhorn family reunion was this past weekend. Unfortunately Terri and I were not able to attend this year. I have not heard a lot of details yet, but everyone said they had a good time. I will try to list some high points once I learn of them.

Mark has started out the season pretty well. The first game he had two hits from three at bats, and he assisted in a double play. So far tonight, he has assisted in another double play and walked once.

I had thought about keeping some statistics about his season on this web site. However there is so much already available at the Major League Baseball and ESPN sites that it does not seem worth the trouble. I do plan to put some quick news blurbs on this home page whenever it seems pertinent.