Terri and I started to paint our office/library over the weekend. So far we just have a layer of primer on the walls. Our plan is to finish the painting by next weekend. This was the first time I tried our Wagner Power Roller.

It did seem to help the painting go quickly. Cleaning it took some extra time though.

Terri and I went to a movie this weekend with some friends from my work. We saw the new Cohen brother’s movie, The Ladykillers, which was pretty funny. We all went to one of The Alamo Drafthouse locations here in Austin.

The Alamo Drafthouse is very convenient since we can eat dinner there rather than going to a restaurant first. They also tend to do fun things for their customers. The location we went to this weekend has an interactive system installed in all of the seats. A question is shown on the screen, and everyone can select one of the provided answers. More points are awarded for the fastest answers. Terri won a free order of popcorn during a previous movie. I came the closest this time with third place.

I am sure you have noticed this web site looks a bit different. I had found the old design available for free on the internet, so I used it to get something available quickly. Unfortunately, it was rather difficult to add new news items to that page. This new format will make adding updates much simpler. That should translate into more frequent postings.

Right now I am using one of the default designs available from the service I am using to update through. I will be experimenting with the look of the site in the near future. I do not have any experience with this type of setup, so it may take me a little while to come up with something I really like.

So check back in the near future for more updates. I will be learning how this new system works as I go along, so feel free to send me any suggestions.